Frequently Asked Questions

How much does PeggyRain® cost?

The special launch price of PeggyRain® is £24.99 

Where can I buy PeggyRain®?

Currently, you can purchase PeggyRain products through the official eCommerce website at

Where do you ship and deliver PeggyRain® products?

We are shipping PeggyRain to Ireland, the UK, Europe and Internationally.

How long does it take for the PeggyRain Package to get to my door?

The estimated delivery time depends on the courier service used in your location.

How will PeggyRain® Package be delivered?

We ship PeggyRain with An Post Ireland, Royal Mail UK and local Courier Service.

꧁ How long is the PeggyRain clothesline and waterproof cover?

The clothesline is 5 metres long and the waterproof cover is 2 metres long. Yoh can purchase two PeggyRain clotheslines for a combined clothesline length of 10 metres and the waterproof cover will be 4 metres long.

What do I get in my PeggyRain® Package?

  • (1) PeggyRain® Clothesline: This can be easily fixed at either ends via the connection hook/loop method. It's 5m long. 
  • (1) Waterproof PeggyRain® Cover 200cm x 165cm (UV Stable 190T)
  • (1) PeggyRain® Funnel (we use this to Catch and sense the Rain)
  • (1) PeggyRain® Clip & Cord
  • (0) Bottle: This is where you come in. All you need to do is recycle a 2-litre water bottle to act as an anchor to pull the cover over. Please follow the instructions detailed in the PeggyRain® Manual and Video instructions.
  • (12) PeggyRain® Clothes Pegs
  • (25) PeggyRain® Cotton Tablets*: These tablets expand once they are activated by the rain. They can be further used as a cloth around the house and compostable when finished with. 

More than one purchase: 

If you order 2 PeggyRain®s they can be connected together in series to form a larger clothesline.

Is it safe?

Yes. PeggyRain® has been designed and manufactured with safety being the paramount concern. Please follow the instructions and read the Safety Label.

Please also be sure that you carefully read the instructions in the manual provided with your PeggyRain® Package, as well as the Safety Warnings placed on the packaging box and on the product itself:

  • ⚠️  Warning! This clothes dryer is not a child’s toy. Be aware, children can get caught in the lines.
  • ⚠️  Warning! Keep away from fire, including barbecues and patio heaters. Canopy and parts are flammable.
  • ⚠️  Warning! The cotton tablets are to be kept out of reach of children, they could become a choking hazard. Product to be removed when not in use and stored away safely out of reach of children.
  • ⚠️  Warning! Do not use PEGGYRAIN in high winds.

How does the cover work?

The PeggyRain Cotton Tablets are rain sensitive. Once positioned on the PeggyRain Clothesline, it will immediately detect the first drops of rain and the sensor triggers the cover to automatically open, ensuring your clothes remain dry. This takes away the hassle and worry of a shower of rain undoing hours of drying on your clothesline!

What payment methods are available?

We accept AMEX, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Mastercard, VISA, and Paypal. 

How do I know if my purchase was correctly processed?

Once the purchase is made, you will receive a confirmation of your order to the email address provided. Please check the spam folder in case our email didn't go straight to your main inbox.

If you followed the instructions during your purchase, but still did not receive any message from us in your main inbox or spam folder, please contact us at with your purchase reference and the following details: full name, the email address associated with the purchase, product name, quantity, and the date of the purchase.

 I made a mistake in the order! How can I modify it?

If you have made a mistake while entering your order details please do not hesitate to contact the PeggyRain Sales Team at We will be delighted to help you fix this.