"PeggyRain® has been AWESOME for us here at home. The kids school jumpers need to be washed and dried ready for Monday mornings. With PeggyRain® we can hang them out safe in the knowledge that if a shower of rain comes along they will be covered." ★★★★★ — Paula (Dublin)


"PeggyRain® has made my day to day life so much easier. Minding the kids and working from home with the constant Zoom calls can be stressful. However, when it comes to the laundry I have a peace of mind that PeggyRain® has us covered!" ★★★★★ Claire (Wexford)


"I absolutely love PeggyRain®, we can put out the laundry in the morning and if a shower of rain comes along while we are away or busy, PeggyRain® will be on hand to cover the laundry and keep them dry. I can't recommend it enough, it's a fantastic product!" ★★★★★ David (Galway)