Is the Tumble-Dryer Washed Up?

In the world of today the tumble-dryer has become the new norm. Despite the expense, to both pocket and environment, consumers still frequently fall into the tumble-dryer trap. People often don’t realise the sheer magnitude of energy that the typical dryer eats through daily. Not even mentioning the numerous household hazards that are all too common.

In contemporary Ireland, we tend to adopt this rather strange habit when it comes to household expenses. Instead of addressing a problem at its root, we tend to make little, insignificant dents elsewhere.

I want you to imagine that you are running over your monthly bills, and you’ve noticed your water and energy usage has exponentially increased. So, what do you do? Conduct a complete and comprehensive analysis on your usage and eliminate excessive unnecessary expenses, or make up the difference elsewhere. Unfortunately, the usual answer is the latter. You hear of people cancelling TV subscriptions and cutting back on trips when in times of financial difficulty, but you never hear of them deserting their Tumble-Dryer.

More often than not, the Tumble-Dryer is the reason for financial strain in the household. One asks themselves, what is the alternative? A clothes line, just for all their precious clothes to be ruined by the menace that is Irish weather. That’s where PeggyRain® comes in. A state-of-the-art biodegradable cotton sensor that releases a sturdy, pristine protective layer across your clothes line, shielding your clothes from every last drop of rain.

You’d think a system like this would set you back a fortune, but in fact it will end up saving you one, as you are no longer plagued with the economic catastrophe of the tumble dryer. So now, it is down to you to make the intelligent, frugal and logical choice. PeggyRain®’s clothesline with automated rain cover, leaves no excuse to stay chained to a tumble-dryer.

Any person, with so much as an ounce of expertise in the field of climate, will tell you one thing. That climate change isn’t the greatest problem we face as a nation. It is the greatest problem we face as a species. It is an undoubted fact that we are in the midst of a sixth mass global extinction. Even the staunchest of sceptics have conceded that action must be taken, at all levels. That means both by international leadership, and by you. You must ask yourself, “what can I do”.

That can be a difficult question to answer, as there is no blueprint, on how to make environmentally conscious decisions. Let’s take a look at the tumble-dryer’s carbon footprint. So, take one set of laundry’s carbon impact in the tumble-dryer at a typical temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. That is emitting a frightening 2.4 kg of C02e, for a single round of laundry. If you are to do 4 rounds a week, every week for a year you are responsible for 500 kg of C02e being pumped into the atmosphere.

To put that in perspective, that is the equivalent of a 400-mile plane flight and back with a 15-mile taxi ride from each airport. Again, that begs the question, “what can I do”? This time however we have a much clearer answer. PeggyRain®’s clothesline with automated rain cover gives you the opportunity to escape this environmental disaster. Clotheslines as a whole are much more environmentally friendly. In choosing PeggyRain’s clothesline, you are choosing to care.

If you are still firmly gripped to the idea of destroying the environment and your finances, then I recommend you stick with your tumble-dryer. If you want to make the right decision for you and the environment learn more at


Written by Henry O'Riordan for PeggyRain®
Sat, March 13 2021 8:30 AM | ⧗ 1 min read